"Learn Macedonian" is a free web-school where You can get an elementary knowledge about the Macedonian language and its grammar in 8 lessons. So, let's start!

Macedonian language - The Letters of the Macedonian alphabet - Pronunciation of the vowels - Pronunciation of the consonants - Useful Expressions and Greetings

The Colors - Days of the week - Months and Seasons - Telling Time & Time expressions

Numerals: Cardinal and Ordinal numbers - Telling Date & Date expressions - Time/Date/Age samples (conversational)

Personal Pronouns - Possessive Pronouns - Demonstrative Pronouns

Nouns and Plural of Nouns - Definite article (Definiteness) - Adjectives - Samples

Prepositions - Verbs - The verbs СУМ (to be) and ИМАМ (to have) - Samples (conversational)

Present Tense - Future Tense - Past Tenses (Imperfect, Aorist, Perfect)

Useful Expressions: General - Family and relatives - City, Country - Geographic Terms and Natural Phenomena - Food and Drink - Some Verbs

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